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Today's Word or Phrase is: "Dale"

This word takes a few different meanings, but all of them are pretty much the same. This can mean do it, go ahead, or let's go. It's a Cuban slang -- but it's used by pretty much everyone in Miami. You can even use it in the way my Nicaraguan bestie says it, which is: "dale pues." It has the same concept and it's often used as "let's do it." This is also used commonly in Miami. By the way, you do not pronounce the "s" in "pues." :)

Examples of How to Use the Word:

"Bro, the getty is about the start. We gotta get some tequila and rum. Dale pues."
"Dale, let's go get some cafecitos!"
"Stop eating shit. Go clean up the mess from the getty. Dale.."

heyyy mista 3-0-5....queeee bolaaa eh!? ;)

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@alywoah of course!!! Here's a taste. Sometimes the word "son" is said differently. Like, "son" "shon" "dun" "dunny" lol. All the same meaning lol.
Yeah Pit bull is known for always saying this. My granny not Cuban but mexican and I caught her saying this. lol...
Bahahaha 'dale' always reminds me of Pitbull, so that gif is ultimate perfection.
@alywoah it's gonna be fun and very interesting ;)
@alywoah Queens people usually say that word, not really in Brooklyn
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