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I just want this whole lawsuit thing to stop ;-; I wish the boys and SM could come to some sort of agreement and just stop it. I understand what they did was wrong, totally get it because they shouldn't have continued working under other companies and stuff and SM has every right to do this but honestly this feels like it's been going on forever and I wish they could just drop it and go their separate ways or just come to an agreement. I feel like a Taoris reunion is pretty much never going to happen and it just sucks so much knowing they won't be friends again or probably won't even consider talking to or about one another ever again and ugh this isn't my fangirl talking I swear but I just want them to make up and be friends again. I'm on Tao, Kris, and Luhan's side but I know they did wrong and I'm not going to say 'SM just leave them alone!' And 'Just let them be!' Because I honestly don't know much about the law or contracts but I know that they broke some rules of the contract they willingly signed. I will always support an artist regardless of what they have done unless they did something horrible like killed someone or something But anyways I was just feeling really bad about the situation and always see the hate comments and the defensive fans. Please don't judge people without knowing their reasons, that includes SM. They may SEEM like a bad company and honestly this is coming from someone who likes nothing from SM but they might not be as bad as people think. Their just doing business.
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@KellyOConnor you are right. I just wish things were handled better :/
@PandasGalaxy I know me too. I think they should try to get it together if for nothing else than the fans that are suffering alongside them. 😟
Hmm I agree but disagree. The lawsuit does need to be resolved but I don't think anyone, SM, EXO, or fans, will be happy with how it pans out. What Kris/Luhan/Tao did was wrong, they knowingly and willingly broke a contract that they signed knowing the consequences. Were they treated poorly and not given the same opportunities the Korean members were given? From what we've seen, for sure! But I really think they went about it the wrong way. Trusts and friendships were badly damaged and sadly it'll never be the same. Kris has made his feelings about Tao clear and I don't blame him. Words once said can never be taken back. EXO will never be the same without the trio but I also don't think it's really possible for EXO to be one again because it'd be forced. Sorry I guess I had to rant too..