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I was in class bored today, so I made a poem to express my feelings about my kpop addiction. Don't get me wrong I LOVE kpop and it brings me so much joy. However, there are some low moments for me when reality sinks in.
Every time I see you, My eyes light up like amber dust. Admiring Alomst everything you do, Emotions walking the thin line of love and lust.
Birthing magic music babies when I hear ur voice. Drowning in every note. Kpop addiction was this my choice? Helping albums reach charts with my vote.
Perfect eyes so clear, Lips to die for. Holding my pillow wishing you were here. You are the one I adore...
Yelling I love you to a deaf ear. Do you understand me? Oh I how I wish you were near. It's tough being a VIP...
Now there are other kpop stars I feel this way about....kai....jay park...rap monster...

Do you all ever feel this way?

Do you all have some kpop stars that you are crazy about?


i feel this way everyday all the time...
I wadnt tagged, I mean idk why lol, but yes i do feel this way and omg i love ur poem do more 😊
I get this feel.
Yes.. All the time. Kim Joon & Yoseob are two of my favorites, but that list is not exhaustive.. I have more that I'd just die if I ever met them!
Yes there are two in particular I feel this way about. TOP and Suga
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