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Ohhh love. I’m normally the type that changes the subject when it comes to such things. But I when your dear friend @jordanhamilton challenges you for the Gif Love Challenge, you gotta suck it up and let those feelings out. Thank for giving me the confidence to do this!
I’ve really enjoyed reading the others on Vingle. Let’s keep this going, eh?

When you think of love, what immediately comes to mind?

Head over heels, butterflies in my stomach, mushy stuff.

Have you ever been in love?

uh. no comment.

One gif to describe your ex.

I couldn’t compete with his love of himself. (sad but true)

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Weirdos with guitars. That’s pretty much it.

What is your current dating situation?

girls rule, boys drool. that is all.
Ahhh...this is gonna be hard but I'll do one soon! Thanks for the tag!
I think I listened to him talk about himself 90% of the time we hung out. We are still friends and every time we hang out I remember WHY we broke up. phew it’s exhausting @jordanhamilton @danidee
Darla is my role model. Also, lol your ex sounds a little like my ex. Except instead of propping himself up, he liked putting other people down. Womp womp.
you are the best for doing this!! and the describe your ex gif is amazinggg!!!
girl, trust me I went through the same thing lol it is definitely exhausting
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