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If you want the glow sans the illuminator, keep scrolling.

We all know just how amazing a glowing face can be. Jennifer Lopez deserves all the thanks for coining the term in the early 2000's. She was literally the queen of glowing and most of us [myself included] envied her and still do until this day. Whether you use an illuminator or a highlight to give yourself that iridescent glow we all secretly crave, you no longer have to take five minutes out of your makeup routine after contouring. I
f you're looking for that natural glow, allow founder of Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon give you the scoop on her all natural concoction or "brew" -- as she calls it. Although Amanda prides herself in a healthy diet and taking care of her body, she makes it clear that there is so much more to it. She says, “My beauty regimen starts with a diet based on organic plant material high in enzymes, minerals, and more than 60% raw good plant fat. And it's spiked with adaptogens, probiotics, proteins, and aminos that come from delicious foods that keep me glowing from the inside out." Her beauty regime sounds pretty legit and the exclusive scoop [seen below] will have your skin rejoicing.

Rose and Pearl Beauty Dust Milk

12 ounces almond milk [any nut or seed milk you prefer]
1 tablespoon Beauty Dust
2 tablespoons Tocotrienols
1 teaspoon Lucuma
1 teaspoon rose water, one tsp
1/2 teaspoon pearl powder
A pinch of raw vanilla powder
Stevia or raw honey, to taste
Directions: Blend ingredients in high speed blender for twenty seconds. You have the option of serving cold or as a latte by warming up the milk.
Amanda refers to this recipe as, "golden ticket to getting your glow".

Let's take your advice and let the glow begin. I mean show.

lol they are a mixture of healthy minerals @BluBear07 I asked myself the same thing at first.
What on earth is beauty dust?