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Hello Vinglers!~ You know what is coming~ Let's Go!

Nevereverland by Nano

Today I felt like I wanted something aggresive but also emotional and thought of this. This song is from a short OVA called "Ark IX". Probably not many of you know about it but you know about nano. Her voice has a name in the anime community with songs like "No Pain, No Gain" from Btoom! Her voice goes so well with her aggresive style and thus this master piece was reborn. Also she's very fluent in English!
Check out the OVA as well~ Close Your Eyes and Listen!~
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@kawaiichibifox She does have her band yes but when you talk about Nano you call her a single artist or singer. Its not like you call Britney Spears a band just because she has a singer, drummer, guitarist and even a DJ
oh ok thay makes sense @RosePark
@kawaiichibifox yup still happy you enjoy the songs ^^
is the picture at the top is an anime
@charlesnash nope its just a picture I found online