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Wanted to share with you guys my room decorations since ive been adding more kpop posters to my room first is my closet got these in the mail today and im soo happy they came out so perfect.
next is near my mirror I have my love Jiyong again lol and suga and V still have more to add to it
Last is probably my favorite. Namjoon and V gonna be adding more bts to this wall and im so excited to show you guys once everything is finish
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@Marilovexoxo yes!! Hopefully you can post a picture so we (Kpop lovers) can admire your room!! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡
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where are those Polaroids of Jiyong from? I want some 😭
a year ago·Reply
@woahdersierra amazon it came with 30 for only 12 dollars which isn't bad at all
a year ago·Reply
@LocoForJiyong that's not bad at all thank you for telling me
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