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So I decided to do fake text requests from your bias(s). All you need to do is request and I'll work on it for you!! Some examples of fake texts are below.
All you have to do when writing your request is: 1. Tell me who you want to text and what you want their contact name to be 2. If you want to be their friend, bestie, girlfriend/boyfriend, ect 3. What you want the texts to be about
(If you don't mind, since I don't know many people, tag your friends or anybody you know who you think would be interested in this) (Also gifs and pictures don't belong to me, all credit goes to its rightful owners)
1 Key from SHINee 2 boyfriend 3 a text over which is better to wear zebra print or leopard print (since Key loves fashion)
1. suga, and the name will be yoongi my sugie 2. bestfriend or bf/Gf . either is fine 3. discussing why he hates converse and why I have to wear Jordan's around him. and why he so jealous
Zico! :D our love and connection we have for each other lol ^^
can you do one with me and v lol and how do you make those
@zunthiarlenoa did that thing *snap*
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