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So @paulisaverage recently posted some pretty terrible first date ideas (I'm not saying that to be mean – he readily admits himself that they are terrible). His challenge to me? Have some less terrible ideas. I thought, how hard could it be?
So here's me taking a stab at some good ideas for a first date. Because if @paulisaverage is the Prince of the Vingle Hipsters, then I'm probably the Princess of Lurv <3. Or something like that.
Enjoy these first date ideas, and tell me if you plan on giving them a try!

Go out for dinner, then go for a walk and look at the stars.

It's romantic, and gives you plenty of time to talk.

See a movie, then get coffee and discuss it.

Show off your intellectual side a little. Plus, it sidesteps the usual pitfall of seeing a movie with your date – not having any time to talk to each other.

Go to a coffeehouse for some live music, then visit a used bookshop.

This is for all the hipsters out there (@paulisaverage). Enjoy some acoustic strumming and then go hunt for cool old books (or vintage records!) together.

Go for a short hike, and then at the end, have a picnic lunch.

If you and your date are outdoorsy folk, this is perfect. The little burst of endorphins and gorgeous natural scenery will definitely put you in the romantic mood.

Meet for drinks, then go see a play or musical together.

It's always fun to see a show – it's like a real people movie! You can get a few drinks beforehand so it's even more fun ;)
And there you have it! Five first date ideas that could even turn out to be spectacular if you share them with the right person. Whaddya think, @paulisaverage? ;)
Remember, first dates are all about two things: 1) having fun and 2) getting to know your date. So try to accomplish both these things as best you can, while never getting too stressed about the planning. Relax, be yourself, and smile!
Thanks for inspiring me to join in the first date fun, @paulisaverage! My expert opinion says do NOT take your date to a drug deal, but... that's just me.
Peace out girl scouts!
@EddiePozo well that escalated quickly... @allischaaff do you want to start a Vingle matchmaker service?
@Bose Yes and no, being alone in a car with someone? Probably not the best but if you let friends know you're fine. Meeting at the hiking trail, simply choose a popular hike. I avoid those since any given weekend you'll run into people every 5 minutes, but very safe
hahaha nahh. mountain people are so nice! but all you really need is a burrito. my new motto in like: burrito is bae. take that chipotle on a date ;) @EddiePozo
@nicolejb lol if you know the person I can understand it but if it was a new stranger I feel like they would think I'm an axe murderer. @allischaaff Oh they exist but the ones I met are my friends :) But god would that be perfect, especially if she likes chipotle
@EddiePozo I’ve been on a first date that was a hike! I love it! (not hitting on you, promise)
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