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[WATCH] Soccer Player Scores Five Goals in Nine Minutes!

I mean we hear about hat-tricks in soccer.....

But five goals in one game? Five goals in just nine minutes? You don't see that too often in soccer.

And Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich showed us exactly that. During Bayern Munich's match against Wolfsburg last night, Munich manager Pep Guardiola decided to change things up as Munich was trailing 1-0 at halftime.

He decided to play Lewandowski in place of Thiago and....

First goal.

And a minute later....his second goal.

He gets a hat-trick in four minutes.

But he's not quite satisfied. He gets his fourth goal of the match, two minutes after he got the hat-trick.

And when we thought he was done, he comes in with his fifth goal of the match. That's right. That took nine minutes in total.

Oh right. Munich crushed Wolfsburg 5-1
Yeap. It's official.

Lewandowski is the fucking man.

And as an FYI, the Bundesliga's leading goal scorer this season was Lewandowski's teammate, Thomas Muller with six goals. Lewandowski scored five in just nine minutes. He also took the number one spot after tonight's game.

Here is a full video of Lewandowski's amazingness and just in case you guys were wondering...

Once again, Lewandowski is the fucking man.

@InPlainSight I also don't understand why he's trying to incorporate the tactics he used with Barcelona in Bayern Munich. Munich can do so much better with their original formation and strategy, which naturally translates over to Germany's national team
@InPlainSight Yes haha. Guardiola's not a bad manager but he definitely has one of the best squads in the world everywhere he goes...and that plays a much bigger role than his tactics haha
But unbelievable performance from Lewy, the fifth goal is pure class!
I definitely see Klopp in the Prem sooner rather than later. If things don't work out this season for van Gaal, maybe at United. He's a great manager. I'm not sure Low will return to the club world...
Another fantastic find, @mchlyang. Brilliant!
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Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Participate in Sports
Physical activity is an important part of any child’s health, learning, and well-being. As a parent, helping your child participate in sports should be a huge priority. While this is true, some kids don’t have a natural inclination to play. Even though this may be the case, here are steps parents can take to foster and encourage their children to participate in sports. Lead by Example Your child is a sponge. They absorb their understanding of life by watching what you, their parents (and other adults in their lives) do. This can often be a blessing and a curse. After all, you don’t want your child doing everything you do. For example, if your child sees you laying on the couch, doing nothing active all day, they aren’t going to see the value of exercising. It’s up to you to show the value of sports by participating in them, too. You can find several ways to show your love for sports. Most of these will benefit you and your child. You can go for a run after work, join the local gym, or join an after-work kickball team. You should also start investing in quality sports gear such as quality softball bats, kickballs, and more. Play Sports with Your Child Nothing is quite as “American” as tossing a baseball in the front yard with your child. While this may seem somewhat cliché, the benefits go beyond just spending time together. Your child’s association of sports and fun begins with you, their parents. As mentioned above, your child will generate their idea of normalcy by watching what you do. You can impart how important sports are by engaging in fun athletic activities with one another. Take time to teach your child to ride a bike, and then take this activity a step further by going on bike rides together. This can be simple, such as a ride down the street or riding down a trail on your mountain bike. You can purchase a basketball hoop and teach your child the basics of shooting and dribbling. If you want to go to the gym instead, take your child along and participate in different activities together. You should take time to introduce your children to the sports that you enjoy playing. However, as time passes, pay attention to your child and see if they are having fun with the activities you are participating in. It is completely possible that the sport you love to play won’t be interesting to them. While this is true, you should consider introducing them to as many different sports as you can to see if your child is inclined to this. Keep Things Fun No one wants to do something that feels like a chore. Kids are going to learn that sports are important by watching you (their parents) play. They are also going to learn that sports are fun by watching others enjoy playing them, too. If you take time to teach your child baseball, basketball, or another sport, make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on them. Instead, keep things light and maintain a sense of humor while you play. Your child isn’t going to want to learn how to shoot a basketball the right way if they don’t enjoy playing the game. Before anything else, be sure you and your child are having fun together. Enjoying Sports with Your Child As you can see, there are more than a few ways that you can begin enjoying sports with your child. Take some time to begin playing and see what your child enjoys. By doing this, you can see what they like and begin fostering that sport and playing with them. Remember, the more you play the sport with your child, the more interested in it they will be. Keep this in mind to ensure you and your child have a lifelong love of sports that will be good for their body and mind. 
[네이트판] 잘 때도 브라 벗지 말라는 예비신랑
모바일로 쓰는 점 양해 부탁드립니다. 저는 스물 중반이구요 제 예랑이는 30살입니다. 올 해 말 결혼 예정중이예요. 바로 본론으로 들어갈게요. 오늘 통화하던 도중 잘 때 브래지어를 착용하고 자는 것에 대한 얘기가 나왔는데요. 저는 애초에 브래지어 착용할때 밖에 외출시나 손님이 왔을때만 착용하고 집에서 있을땐 벗고 있고 당연히 잘땐 벗고 자거든요. 그런데 그걸 알고 있는 예랑이가 저번부터 자꾸 하고 자라는 겁니다. 저는 소화능력이 안좋아서 브래지어를 착용하면 소화가 더 안되고 갑갑해서 왠만하면 집에 있을때 만이라도 벗고 있고 싶거든요. 그런데 예랑이는 그거 안 입으면 가슴 쳐진다, 그건 가슴 쳐지지 말라고 만든거 아니냐 이러면서 24시간 내내 입으라고 하네요. 그래서 예랑이한테 내 생각엔 브래지어를 만든 이유는 옷을 입을때 브래지어를 착용함으로 인해 옷태가 살아나기 때문이고 그런 미용 면이나 평소 생활때 충격을 좀 덜 받게 하려고 만든 것 같다 라고 말하면서 sbs에서 브래지어에 대한 다큐를 방영한적 있는데 그 내용을 정리해논 블로그를 찾아 읽어주기 까지 했습니다. 자기가 알고 있는 그 생각이 잘못된거고 오히려 좋을게 하나도 없다라고 말해주면서요. 그랬더니 그렇게 안좋은걸 왜 다들 하고 다니냐 그럼 너도 평소에도 벗고 다녀라 이런 막말을 하는겁니다... 예랑이는 브래지어를 하고 있는게 좋다고 말하는 의사를 봤다면서요.... 그래서 제가 자긴 안해봐서 얼마나 불편한지 모르잖아? 이랬더니 자기는 할 수가 없답니다.. 그러면서 저보고 고집 세다고 그러고 여러분 정말 제가 잘못 알고 있는 건가요? 그리고 예랑이 말로는 안하고 자는 사람보다 하고 자는 사람이 더 많다고 하더라고요.. 혹시 하고 주무시나요..? 제가 이상하고 무지한 건가요? 아 참고로 그래, 하고 잘게라고 거짓말로 간단히 끝낼 수 있는 문제가 아닌게 결혼하면 같이 자야 하잖아요 매일 밤... 절대 자기 주장을 굽히지 않고 있어요... 조언 좀 부탁드립니다...ㅠㅠ 헉...댓이 이렇게 많이 달렸으리라고는 상상도 못했네요... 댓글에서 다 저의 입장을 알아주시고 이해해 주셔서 감사합니다ㅠㅠ 사실 저도 알고 있어요 예랑이가 고집이 세다는거.. 저런 경우가 몇개 있거든요. 예를 들어 본인이 싫어하는 음식을 제가 먹으면 싫어 한다던가(피자, 떡볶이) 자기가 sns 안한다고 저 하는것도 싫어 한다던가... 오래 만났고 또 아빠처럼 기댈 수 있다는 느낌에 헤어짐이 답이라는 것을 알았지만 실천하지 못했네요. 한번 더 얘기해보고 저희 둘의 미래를 결정 해야 겠어요. 많은 조언들 너무너무 감사합니다ㅠㅠ 뭔 아빠처럼 기댈수 있어;;;;; 진짜 말도 안 되는 소리를 하네 지금이야 브라정도지 나중에 어디까지 간섭할 줄 알고 저런 사람하고도 한번 더 얘기해본다고 하는 게 신기함 ㅇㅇ 판펌
Arsenal Upsets Bayern Munich!
Arsenal managed to keep their hopes up in the UEFA Champions League as they collected their first win of the Champions League against Bayern Munich. They were on the verge of elimination after losing the first two matches against Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb. It was surely an upset considering the fact that Munich was a favorite to win the whole thing. But here's the thing. Today's match was more like a match between Arsenal's Petr Cech against Munich's Manuel Neuer. Just take a moment to appreciate the stellar performance that these two goalies put on tonight. Here are couple of saves by Neuer. And here are some by Cech. It was impossible to get behind these two until this happened. In the 77th minute of the game, just three minutes after Olivier Giroud replaced Theo Walcott, Giroud scored the first goal of the game. Neuer, who was having a perfect night, lost sight of the ball in the air and let this one get by him. Yes, the greatest goalkeeper in the world do make mistakes. Then this happened in the 94th minute to seal the win for Arsenal. It seemed like Neuer saved this one, but take a closer look. The ball had definitely passed the goal line! A goal from Mesut Ozil to make the match 2-0 and brings home the victory at Emirates Stadium. Cech definitely was the game changer and MVP for Arsenal, but I feel like Wenger really should be given credit for last night's win. He was well prepared and his strategy seemed to be effective against one the best teams in the world! What do my football (soccer) fans think of Arsenal's victory?
EMS Workout Benefits
Have you noticed how much better you feel when you work out? Do you note how you sleep better, and think better? There are many physiological and mental benefits associated with physical activities and fitness. Indeed, many studies confirm the irrefutable effectiveness of regular exercises. Regular physical activities are beneficial to the heart, muscles, lungs, bones, and brain. Exercising improves many aspects of your life. In addition to the extensive benefits of physical activities, there are several advantages that are specific to EMS workout suit Undeniably, the growing popularity of this new technology is primarily due to benefits specific to EMS. EMS workout benefits include; Physiological EMS Workout Benefits Many people exercise for physiological benefits that include improvement in muscle strength and boost of endurance. There are several physiological benefits that are specific to EMS workouts and include; EMS Workout Benefits to muscles EMS training facilitates better muscle activation, enabling your body to use 90% of its potential, unlike conventional training, where you only use 60-70% of your strength. Similarly, EMS increases muscle mass due to the extra stimulation. Benefits to Tendons and Joints Since you do not need to use external loads to achieve deep muscle activation during EMS training, the strain on tendons and joints significantly reduces. Indeed, since EMS workouts are grounded on electrical stimulation and not heavy loads, there is no additional strain on joints and the musculoskeletal system. Vascular and capillary benefits EMS workout benefits the cardiovascular system. Specifically, EMS workouts support improved blood circulation and, as such, reduction in blood pressure. Similarly, improved blood flow decreases the formation of arterial clots reducing vulnerability to heart attack and cerebral thrombosis. Research shows EMS training suit increases blood flow (especially when done in lower frequencies) to muscle tissues. The electrical impulses sent to the full-body suit support blood flow through the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Posture-related Benefits EMS training work the stabilizer muscles correcting and improving posture. Correct body posture is essential in well-being. Incorrect posture is associated with muscular pain due to decompensating. EMS workouts specifically target and train difficult-to-reach stabilizer muscles, reducing postural imbalances of the back, tummy, or pelvic floor. Improvement in overall posture and flexibility reduces muscle pain. EMS Workout Benefits to Mental Health A multitude of research supports the hypothesis that exercising improves mental health. Working out facilitates the secretion of three hormones; endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones generate chemical reactions in the brain responsible for that satisfied and happy feeling you get during and after working out. EMS is a high-intensity workout that triggers the release of dopamine a few minutes into the training. Dopamine helps you become more alert and focused, improving performance. After an EMS workout session, the body releases serotonin. Serotonin regulates body temperature in addition to adjusting the imbalances in the nutritional cycle. Ultimately, EMS improves mental health by triggering the release of certain hormones that lighten the mood, relieve stress and dull pain. EMS training is your ingredient of happiness! Time-Saving With EMS training, you can achieve a full-body workout in a mere 20 minutes. Indeed, the EMS full-body suit simultaneously activates many muscles in the body, effectively reducing training time. Fast Results The benefits of regular exercises are achieved much faster with EMS workouts compared to conventional training. Due to robust muscular activation, the results of EMS workouts are evident much quickly. EMS workout benefits are not only physiological but also mental. EMS training enables you to enjoy these benefits with a mere 20-minute workout thrice a week! For more visit our eBay store.
What's with the Chinese football league?
There's something strange happening in the football world right now. Even with all the money and appeal that the world's top leagues bring - the EPL, La Liga, Germany's Bundesliga, France's Ligue 1 and Italy's Serie A, some top players have recently departed their clubs and gone to accept enormous contracts in the Chinese Super League. The latest star to make the move is Chelsea's Ramires, a player at the peak of his career at age 28. I'm stunned. There is a history of great players making the move to China, but in the past it has been players at the very tail end of their careers moving across the world to make huge amounts of money before they retire. Think Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka, who in recent years went to Shanghai to play. And I understand the appeal for an aging player. Someone like Drogba couldn't keep up with the pace of the top European leagues anymore, but could still be a huge star in China, where the league quality is extremely low. They are major marketing moves for the Chinese teams too, who can bring in world superstars to boost their image. But recently, the players making the move have not been aging stars. They are players in the prime of their careers, like Chelsea's Ramires. Other players to recently make the move are Roma's Gervinho (formerly of Arsenal), who is just 28 years old and Colombia and Inter Milan's Freddy Guarin, a young midfielder of enormous quality and potential. He has been on the radar of the top EPL clubs for years, and to see him turn them down in exchange for a move to the low-level China league is shocking. Alessandro Diamanti, Momo Sissokho, Demba Ba and Paulinho are other players who have recently moved from their European clubs to play in China under huge contracts. It's a bizarre phenomenon. Football in China is not known to be a very popular sport, but the Chinese owners have loads of money and are doing a good job convincing top players to come and join them. I'm sad to see exciting players like Ramires and Gervinho leave Europe, where I could watch them in the Champions League, but I'm fascinated to see what they will make of themselves in China, and to follow along to see if the Chinese league continues to pry away great talent from Europe. @InPlainSight @AbdulrahmanSaad @trinityarcangel @thefeels @MarcusJiles @DerekGumtow @havic @yaakattackk @bnzatton @SherzTYCi @krishntejanand @addri @mishthi @andwas @NimishMathur @Sydsocquet @starli @kyleatekwana @BenjiPhilip @Eduardo14 @AshfakEjaaz @EmanueleYagoda @Bobs What do you make of this recent trend?
해외에서 영화 찍고 한국 들어올 때 문제
이 사건은 영화 베를린을 제작하던 중 생긴 일이다. 베를린 제작진은 현지 로케이션 촬영을 마치고 한국으로 돌아왔다. 그런데.. 어 님들.. 세금 내셔야죠 ? 갑자기 뭔 세금을 내요? 그.. 님들 해외에서 영화 촬영하는데 30억 들었는데, 그 중에 한국인 스탭들 비용 8억 빼면 해외 비용만 순수하게 22억이 들었잖아요? 그걸 하드디스크에 담아오셨으니 하드디스크가 22억의 가치를 지니게 됐죠? 22억의 부가가치세인 2억 2천만원, 거기다가 자진신고 안 한거니까 30% 추가 가산으로 2억 8천 600만원 세금 내셔야죠 ...? 뭔 개썁소리야 이게 우리는 ATA carnet을 이용해서 예술 목적으로 다녀온 건데 그래도 세금을 내야 한다고? 까르네는 예술 전시품일 경우 쓰이는거구여 여튼 ㅅㅂ 님들 하드디스크가 깡통에서 22억짜리가 됐으니 그거 세금을 내시라구요 야 그럼 ㅅㅂ 예술가가 외국나가서 외국에서 그린 그림이 수십억이 되면 그것도 세금 내야함? 예술품은 관부가세 면제입니다 그럼 ㅅㅂ 영화는요? 영화는 해당 안됩니다. 걍 닥치고 돈 내라고 ㅅㅂ아 못내! 시발 이의제기한다! 응 기각ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 시발 재판 청구한다! 어.. 원칙상은 돈 내는게 맞아여 법적으로는 문제 없어여 돈 내세요 2억 8천 600만원 ㅆㅂ 야 잠깐 그럼 하드디스크 실물이 세관을 통과하는 게 문제라면 클라우드로 올린 건 세금을 안내도 된다는 소리 아녀 네 맞아용 ....? 시발? 실제로 관세대상은 실체가 있는 유체물해 한정되고 무체물 같은 전자적 매게물은 해당이 되지 않는다. 관세청은 법대로 한 것 뿐이다. 이후 한국 영화사들은 해외 로케이션 촬영한 걸 하드디스크에 담아오지 않고 죄다 클라우드에 올려버림 ㅊㅊ 인티 모야 이렇게 하나 또 알아가네 근데 쟤네 잘못이라고 함 ㅇㅇ 수입신고 안함. 신고했음 저런 일 없었고 다른 업체는 다 신고하고 들어왔음 신기한 법 해석의 세계..
baixar futemax - futebol ao vivo 2020
O FuteMAX TV ao vivo é um aplicativo que permite acompanhar diversos jogos e campeonatos de forma grátis e completamente segura! Sabemos que, devido a correria do dia a dia, é muito difícil a pessoa ter tempo para ficar colado em frente a TV para assistir algum jogo. No entanto, isso não significa que a pessoa perderá a partida do seu time preferido. Devido aos avanços da tecnologia, hoje em dia existem muitos meios para assistir futebol quando e onde a pessoa quiser, basta ter acesso à Internet. Mas, com tantas opções disponíveis, é normal que a maioria não saiba qual o melhor site ou app para acompanhar os jogos. O FuteMAX é, sem dúvida, é uma das melhores opções atualmente, continue lendo para descobrir como baixar o app! APLICATIVO FUTEMAX TV AO VIVO Futebol é uma das grandes paixões das pessoas, independente da idade e nacionalidade. Os brasileiros então, são grandes fãs do futebol, de modo que muitos não perdem uma partida do seu time preferido, mesmo estando viajando, trabalhando ou em outro local. Afinal, foi-se o tempo onde para assistir um jogo de futebol, era preciso ficar colado na TV. Hoje em dia, há diversos aplicativos e sites que transmitem partidas ao vivo de futebol, para que a pessoa possa assistir onde estiver, sem depender de uma televisão. Assim como a Netflix oferece uma grande variedade de séries e filmes, os apps de futebol que transmitem as partidas de jogos online, tanto das próprias emissoras de TV quanto de outras empresas especializadas na transmissão desses eventos de esportes. A maioria das pessoas, contudo, possuem certas dúvidas com relação a segurança desses sites e apps. Não é incomum que muitos sites piratas acabam colocando o usuário em risco com vírus e outros problemas que possam prejudicá-lo. Ao contrário de muitos sites que colocam em risco a segurança de seus dados, o aplicativo FuteMAX ao vivo é uma opção segura e confiável, para você acompanhar os jogos onde quiser. 1. COMO BAIXAR O APLICATIVO FUTEMAX TV AO VIVO? O FuteMAX TV é um app focado em transmitir partidas ao vivo de futebol e outros eventos esportivos. O app funciona de forma bem simples, basta fazer o download e começar a usar sem muitas dificuldades ou preocupações. Além dos eventos esportivos disponíveis, o app também permite que os usuários assistam televisão ao vivo por meio de streaming online. Sendo assim, você poderá assistir os jogos do seu time em qualquer dispositivo móvel. Tudo o que você precisa fazer é instalar o app, dentro de alguns segundos você já terá acesso a todos os seus conteúdos e partidas, como por exemplo: Brasileirão Serie A; Brasileirão Serie B; Campeonato Europeu; Campeonato Espanhol. Fonte:
Man City Trophy Specials: Citizens 22/1 for success at home and abroad
Manuel Pellegrini’s first season in English football proved to be a rather successful one after his Manchester City side claimed a Premier League and Capital One Cup double. And with Pellegrini wasting no time in reinforcing his squad with the likes of midfielder Fernando, defender BacarySagna and goalkeeper Willy Caballero the Citizens look in good shape to claim yet more silverware. dnd drow names The Premier League champions are as short as 8/15 to win any major trophy (excluding the Community Shield) during this campaign and with City addressing their perceived defensive weakness last season, they look a good bet to fill the trophy cabinet up again during the upcoming term. A case for the defence Former Arsenal star Sagna is already through the Etihad Stadium door and he could be joined by his international colleague EliaquimMangala, if reports are to be believed. Captain Vincent Kompany is the best defender in England’s top flight but he is yet to have a partner at the heart of the defence who is even close to his standard. With Sagna, who can also play centre-back, and Mangala in their ranks City could well be on for a repeat of last season with a Premier League and League Cup double priced at 12/1. City, who are 15/8 joint-favourites for the title, cannot be written off claiming a third Premier League win in four years and after claiming the FA Cup back in 2011, the Etihad faithful will be keen to lift the famous old trophy once again. A league and FA Cup double is also priced at 12/1 with a domestic treble, something that has never been achieved in England, is available at odds of 50/1. City managers judged on European performance But as Roberto Mancini can attest to, Manchester City managers are judged by how their sides get on in European competition and Pellegrini will be looking to go past the last-16 this time around. A Lionel Messi-inspired Barcelona knocked the Citizens out of Europe last season but if the Chilean manager can keep Sergio Aguero fit and get strikers Eden Dzeko and Alvaro Negredo firing in tandem there is no reason the Sky Blues can’t go all the way at 10/1. City for the quadruple? City are priced at 22/1 to claim Premier League and Champions League glory, while the confident City fan may want to have a punt on a league, FA Cup and European Cup treble (100/1) being celebrated come May next year. But if you see no weakness in this season’s current crop in the sky blue shirt then back Pellegrini’s men for an unprecedented quadruple (Premier League – FA Cup – Capital One Cup – Champions League) at odds of 500/1. Visit This: getloadedinthepark