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I mean we hear about hat-tricks in soccer.....

But five goals in one game? Five goals in just nine minutes? You don't see that too often in soccer.

And Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich showed us exactly that. During Bayern Munich's match against Wolfsburg last night, Munich manager Pep Guardiola decided to change things up as Munich was trailing 1-0 at halftime.

He decided to play Lewandowski in place of Thiago and....

First goal.

And a minute later....his second goal.

He gets a hat-trick in four minutes.

But he's not quite satisfied. He gets his fourth goal of the match, two minutes after he got the hat-trick.

And when we thought he was done, he comes in with his fifth goal of the match. That's right. That took nine minutes in total.

Oh right. Munich crushed Wolfsburg 5-1
Yeap. It's official.

Lewandowski is the fucking man.

And as an FYI, the Bundesliga's leading goal scorer this season was Lewandowski's teammate, Thomas Muller with six goals. Lewandowski scored five in just nine minutes. He also took the number one spot after tonight's game.

Here is a full video of Lewandowski's amazingness and just in case you guys were wondering...

Once again, Lewandowski is the fucking man.

@InPlainSight I also don't understand why he's trying to incorporate the tactics he used with Barcelona in Bayern Munich. Munich can do so much better with their original formation and strategy, which naturally translates over to Germany's national team
@InPlainSight Yes haha. Guardiola's not a bad manager but he definitely has one of the best squads in the world everywhere he goes...and that plays a much bigger role than his tactics haha
But unbelievable performance from Lewy, the fifth goal is pure class!
I definitely see Klopp in the Prem sooner rather than later. If things don't work out this season for van Gaal, maybe at United. He's a great manager. I'm not sure Low will return to the club world...
Another fantastic find, @mchlyang. Brilliant!
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