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So... I was tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever to do this and it came from @katiems. I really loved the concept and I thought I would join! It's about doing what makes you happy and I have always been a big supporter for that kind of lifestyle. If you want to participate, then you just need to find out all of the rules on @katiems because I already forgot them. :D
So, for the majority of my life, I have been all over the place. When someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I would just pick whatever subject I was good at and paired it with that matching profession. And for a while, no one was worried about me because it looked like I had all the answers a d I knew what I was doing. But on the inside, I was a mess. I was scared, lost, and alone. No one thought of asking me what I REALLY wanted to, what my passion was.
What I have ways wanted to do but maybe just didn't realize it at the time was music. It has encompassed my whole entire life from the minute I was born. Music controlled my moods, my views on life, and opened my imagination to what I used to think was impossible.
It wasn't until I was introduced to GD that I realized what my path in life has always been. His story gave me hope that with hard work, confidence, and talent, I could actually have a shot. He doesn't change himself to fit the music, he makes the music cheng to fit his style. And you can just see that music is who he is and it gives him joy! He knows how to still be a kid and have fun while doing his job. And I respect that. :)
So that's when it hit me, I need to be doing what makes me happy. And that is music 100%. And now that I am finally pursuing it, I hope that I can trust my Vingle community in supporting my dream. I love you all and I am so glad that I could share my story with you. :) Fighting!! @alywoah @thepinkprincess @b1a4bts5ever @kpopandkimchi @tessStevens @danidee @nicolejb @maddie27 @ercurrent
This is wonderful! It is fantastic that GD helped inspire you to pursue what you are so passionate about! You definitely have support from me and I'm sure the rest of our Vingle family. Fighting!
@felicityautumn oh I forgot lol. reading your story reminded me of Born Singer by BTS ^^
I so understand your feelings about music. It is my life! And no doubt if you keep working things will happen!
omg that's so awesome <3 GD really is an inspiration!! ^^ I'm so glad you found your passion and are following your dream!! <3 Fighting!!
I encourage @kpopandkimchi to try this if you haven't already! and I don't know many other people so feel free to tag whoever you want!