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In this episode of Street Food Korea, I eat some Ingeobbang (잉어빵)... which is a fish-shaped pastry. It is essentially a batter with sweet, red bean filling. Many Koreans also call this snack Bungeobbang (붕어빵). Ingeobbang and Bungeobbang are the exact same thing.
This street food snack is very cheap, and very delicious! It is usually prepared only in colder temperatures, such as in the early Spring, late Fall and during Winter months. When you see the Ingeobbang street food carts popping up again on the streets, you know the seasons have changed for sure!
The street food snacks are really cheap! Only 1,000 Won (roughly $0.93 USD) for THREE of them!!! Definitely worth it and so tasty!!!
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looks yummy!