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Loki vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win?

It's that time again!

It's time to ask who would win in a fight to the death! @JeanPaulGaleano and @LAVONYORK have made some really cool imaginary battles (here and here), so here's my next contribution to the Super vs. Super Showdown!

Who would win in a fight to the death: Loki or Scarlet Witch? Let's look at their "stats"...

Scarlet Witch

Can fly
Has great fashion sense
Can alter reality to suit her needs
Doesn't have much family
Can mostly control her powers


Can turn into a horse
Is rocking a cape like he hasn't seen The Incredibles
He's a god
Has too much family drama
Can mostly control his mood swings

Who do you think would win???

The actors have already weighed in, and of course they're rooting for their own characters. Who do you think would win?
lol it would be her showing him what loves all about. passionate .... kinda like on that crimson peak trailer!!! @LAVONYORK @shannonl5 😍😍😍
@MarySEW @LAVONYORK lol now I'm just picturing Loki singing Drunk in Love and I am cackling quietly at my computer thanks for that
yeah but it wouldn't just be the rough stuff it would be passionate love making !!!!! @shannonl5
@LAVONYORK @TerrecaRiley @MarySEW lol I hope it doesn't *end* like Crimson Peak. I have a feeling one or both of them is not gonna make it through that movie XD I need Wanda and Loki to liiiiiiive
lol they would sucome to each other.... 😜😘 @TerrecaRiley @shannonl5
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