Which VIXX dance is your favorite?
I wanted to pick a VIXX title track, mainly because they are so many different ways to see the dance instead of seeing them perform live (more likely to get a dance practice, promotions etc)
So once I narrowed it down to that I had two options...
I went back and forth and back and forth between Hyde and On and On.
Like the arm floating reachy dance or the zombie move, like HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO CHOOSE?!
But I decided on Hyde because I actually learned the key move to this dance and it was the first VIXX dance that I was completely in love with.
Here is the MV, in which you see just how great this dance really is!
All the partnering, the intricate steps, and of course, the reaching move that I love so much.
But really the partnering in this dance is superb. There are so many moves that have to do with someone's movements directly affecting someone else's movements, or partner work, and it is just done so flawlessly.
Here is a dance practice of this song as well!
Man, the duality of the choreography just gets meeee. It is something that I love so much about the song and the whole concept and it is just done soooo freaking well in the choreo as well.
The key move of the dance, definitely so much fun to do.
And it is so entrancing.
The partnering in this dance is just on.
Whatever it is they are doing, I am into it.
And let's not forget:
The dramatic neck snap/taking of N,Ken, and Hyuk's souls ending.
I love how Hyuk's neck snap is super ridiculous and flaily, Ken's is really well acted, and N like models while he goes down lol. Oh boys.