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WHEREVER YOU ARE! THE SUN'S COMING OUUUUTTTT WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!!! Anyways, those of you who are starving of sleep because of BTS lack of videos on youtube.... I BOUGHT THE WATEEERRR! THE WATER IS HERE! Just guys. Get some rest, like I swear I saw some girl yesterday like sleeping on one of her bff's shoulder, while her bff was humming some kpop song like who does that! *turns around* Dope! Sing it!! Anyway, you guys here's your beloved treasure thingy...

You're welcome!!

Haha, what's your reaction? Remember to tag as many people as you to share happiness all around! My thoughts while watching the video: 'JHOPE HOBBBI!! HOBBBBBII! WHY AREN'T YOU DANCING?!' 'DANCE MONSTAAA!!' 'DANCE PRINCESSSSSS!!'
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