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So I'm confused They are saying that Mino is dating two artists?!?!?
"Known for their close relationship prior to their respective debut, netizens have found evidence of their pairing after being spotted wearing the same necklace in a number of occasions as provided. Aside from their personal history, Mino and Zico recently gained attention for their professional relationship as Mino joined Zico’s panel on hit reality program, Show Me The Money 4. With Mino and Zico’s friendship being put to light, netizens have also uncovered a new pairing, in the form of Block B’s P.O Both rappers were seen wearing the same shirt recently which left fans to wonder if Mino has changed Zico for P.O instead." -Koreaboo
So is this another shipping thing, or are they actually an item?
Are they even gay or bi?!?! lol Who would you guys ship?
Lol @MinionPeach17 they just made it seem so serious lol
they aren't gay... it's BROMANCE! Plus they all go way back! I just can't ship Zico×Mino or P.O×Mino.... for me its either "P.O×MINO×ZICO" or nothing... better yet, all BLOCK B members and Mino because they do go way back!