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This is the cousin of the corn dog called the "Potato Hot Dog." The corn dog batter has crinkle cut fries in it, which is then deep fried. You can then ask for ketchup or mustard, both or none. In this video, the vendor didn't even ask, he just doused my potato hot dog with soooooo much ketchup!
I will be honest, I didn't finish this street food snack. There was just too much corn dog batter and fries, not enough hot dog. And waayyyyy too much ketchup. I ate about a 1/3rd of it and threw it away.
But, don't get me wrong, this is street food in Korea and anything is game for exploring! You should definitely try it at least once to say you ate it and lived to tell the story. This was 2,000 Won, roughly $1.90.
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I will take 20!!! Lol they look so good