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When you love Love as much as I do, it's only natural to love Disney movies.

I adore that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes when the two characters you've been cheering for during the entire movie fiiiinally get together. Even if you knew what was going to happen the whole time, it's still so adorable! It makes you feel like maybe, just maybe there IS such a thing as romance in this crazy world we live in.
So I'd like to share my top 3 Disney romances with you. It was hard to pick just three, and I'm sure everyone will have a different version of this list, but, well, love is different for everyone! :)

Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann

Living an adventure with your true love, becoming badass pirates together, facing death multiple times and yet still surviving to live out your happily ever after? Incredible. Even though I would not want to face all the scary, terrible things these two encounter in the many twists and turns of their love story, it's an awfully romantic thing to watch. Also, Keira Knightley is SO gorgeous, and Orlando Bloom is just perfect and rugged and so sexy.
If you scroll past the picture above, the first clip is a pretty awesome Will/Elizabeth highlight reel, and the second (which is definitely worth a watch) is the sexiest scene from the entire Pirates franchise: the leg kissing on the beach scene. (It's not actually called that, but can we start calling it that?)

Rapunzel & Flynn

I almost couldn't watch the end of this movie. I cried like a freakin' baby when Flynn died, then Rapunzel tried to save him, but instead he sacrificed his life for her freedom, but THEN her tear saved his life, and she was reunited with her parents, and finally had the family she'd always dreamed of, and they lived happily ever after... oh god. It was an emotional rollercoaster, and very nearly too much for my little heart to bear. In the 3 video clips above, you can relive all the teary-eyed wonder for yourself (if you're up for it).
Basically, these two lived a wild adventure together, and you can tell they just go together perfectly. They were willing to give up everything for one another, and life rewarded their selflessness.


What is it about robots falling in love that makes my heart explode with emotions?!? And when WALL-E saves the day, but subsequently loses his memory... I cried. A lot. (That might be a theme here.) It's heartbreaking to watch EVE try to wake him up, to remind him of all they had been through together... then when she "kisses" him and the spark that passes between them restores his memory, it's like the happiest moment of my life!!!! They live their robotic version of happily ever after, and Earth is repopulated and restored to its former green glory. Isn't love amazing?
Check out WALL-E trying so adorably to impress EVE in the first clip, and then the heart-wrenching ending scene in the second. OH THE FEEEEELS.
This has been me freaking out over fictional love stories. I feel like a total nerd, but you know what? Sometimes love makes you a nerd. And maybe we're obsessed with it as humans because it's one of the greatest things we can aspire to in life. Either way, let's keeping digging those warm fuzzies together. <3
Hope you enjoyed!!
totally agree with this 100%
OMG, when Wall-E says, "Eva," and she says, "Wall-E," my heart melts. Every time.
Lol Yea, thanks I got it in my lootcrate @allischaaff
@netchtiBates Gotcha. That's what I was suspecting. Ooo I like your pikachu hat btw! XD
I liked it, it's a good movie, it's just hyped up way more than necessary @allischaaff
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