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We all know this iconic dunk by Michael Jordan from the free-throw line.


We don't see or hear too much about Scottie Pippen's dunk from the free-throw line and I personally think Pippen deserves more credit for his dunk.

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were one of the greatest duos in the history of basketball. But I feel like Scottie Pippen was a bit underrated as he was overshadowed by Jordan's greatness. No, I would even go far as to say he is the most underrated Hall of Fame player ever.
So I know we all love Michael Jordan....

But, who do you think had the better dunk from the free-throw line?

@DannyMoses Haha so true dude. Mike is Mike. No doubt about it. But I still feel Pippen's skills are underrated because MJ was so good and if you're next to MJ, whatever you do won't match his greatness.
I think one on one pippen would give Jordan fits to be honest he was very long and could keep up with Michael athletically but Mike is Mike lol
@karencorchado He is indeed. And Rodman is also great too but he is way too obnoxious
@mchlyang there was a time when I didn't like MJ, he was the poster boy for basketball and they're was other great players that wasn't getting the attention they deserve. Dennis Rodman was also a good player, he played with them and Ron Harper too. But I do respect MJ and I like him now. He is great :)
@mchlyang I agree both are the greatest basketball players of all time, and I do think Scottie was living in Michael's shadow. Out of the two plays, Scottie's was a better dunk. I had a friend that had a poster shot of Michaels dunk and it was nice....
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