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One of my absolute favorite genres of video game is the stealth game. For a while now, the Metal Gear Solid series had that whole genre to itself but as the years went on, we saw a new contender enter the ring, Splinter Cell.
Now I'm not asking which series is better (because that's ridiculous), I'm asking which of their characters would win in a fight. Or a battle to the death, or something. Just put them in a plastic box like gross bugs you haven't fed for a while and see which comes out alive. Well, maybe don't do that last one.
Do any of you remember that SpikeTV show Deadliest Warriors? Imagine this card as a text version of that but without any scientists, commercials, a reenactment of a fight, or someone named Max Geiger (that can't be his real name, I refuse to believe it).

Big Boss

I've already said how much I like this guy. So this might seem a little redundant. But who cares, I could talk about Big Boss until I'm blue in the face. He's got his own fighting style, CQC, which is a fictional thing that looks pretty bad ass (that's the important part) and he's very resourceful when it comes to his loadout.
Half of the time you could find Big Boss hiding out inside a cardboard box next to other cardboard boxes. And the other half of the time, he's punching you in the throat and taking apart your gun and then probably running away from a giant Jaeger-like robot machine.
The only thing is that he only has one eye and while wearing and eye-patch is bad-ass as fuck (this is coming from a guy who wore an eyepatch for a year in high school, for medical reasons of course), his depth perception is probably all kinds of messed up. So, maybe he'll miss a punch or two. Who knows?

Sam Fisher

Even though I'm pretty much a Metal Gear Solid fanboy, I can admit when Big Boss might have met his match. I mean have you seen the things Sam has accomplished? He's stopped multiple "International Incidents" (that's spy-thriller code for "American Fuck-Ups"), there was that one time he thought his daughter was dead and he had all of the CIA chasing him and then, there was that other time (more recently) he started looking and sounding a lot younger.
All jokes aside, Fisher is a guy who willingly went to prison. I'm pretty sure his fighting style is heavily influenced by Krav Maga (which is not fictional at all). And even though both Big Boss and Sam sort of work for the government, it seems like they only give Sam the best of the best when it comes to gadgets.
He has a little remote controlled helicopter that could electrocute you. He has a tiny little tube thing he can stick under doors to see on the other side. But why would he ever want to do that? He can use his goggles to effectively look through inches of concrete and drywall. I have to say though, given recent events with him and his family, I think he's a little emotionally unstable when in comparison to Big Boss.

But what do you guys think?

I know I'd side with Big Boss every time, all the time. But I want to know what you guys think.
@ButterflyBlu, @buddyesd, and @VinMcCarthy, any thoughts?
hmmm. honestly I think that I'm gonna go with fisher. Not just cause @buddyesd went with Big Boss, and that @butterflyblu will also probably go with Big Boss, but because I think his level of instability and experience would benefit him. assuming that it's Big Boss from MGSV, in roughly the middle of his career and fisher from the latest splinter cell, so in the waning period of it (but stil lweirdly young) Fisher is unhinged enough to lose it on Big Boss. though he would still maintain a level fighting head, because it's al lmuscle memory at this stage. I think hand to hand, he would break boss.
Well I have to tell that CQC is actually a real form of fighting/self defense. It's what the green berets army special forces and navy seals use I am a huge MGS fan boy as well and I honestly think Bigg Boss would win but it would be one Hellava bloody fight
I've only played metal gear solid back on the psx so I really need have no experience with big boss. I have played splinter cell way back on the original Xbox so I'm outdated on everything lol. it's obvious splinter cell was tons influenced by mgs so I kinda gotta give it to big boss but that's only because splinter cell frustrated the he'll outta me lol
I just read what the author wrote and again, hes close but not quite there. The system is not based on Krav Maga, and once again the system we use makes Krav Maga look passive however, most of us have combined our system with Krav Maga and it works out nicely. But KM is no where near the predominate one we use.
Well here is the deal. I kind of have a unique perspective because for 10 years I served in the United States Army 7th Special Forces Group and yes I am a Ranger qualified, Green Beret. I have to refer to what Shawn Orman said only because YES he is right CQC is a real fighting system. However, NO it is not the prevailing fightimg system that we use. Truthfully CQC isnt even close to as lethal a system as the one we use. (Just to be clear Army Special Forces is the same thing as Green Berets. GBs are just a nickname and technically the only Special Forces there are by definition are the Green Berets, Army Delta, and to a lessor degree (though not taking anything away from them) Seal Team Six (Now called DEVGRU). Regular Seals and Army Rangers are kind of like entry level SF. They are very, very skilled but they are still missing some training to totally claim the label. Anyway, what Sam Fisher does is what the top tier special forces units do and more accurately he is like a Ranger qualified Green Beret, that made Delta, and then went to NSA. Once you reach Delta there really isnt a higher level of training you could get. The leader of the british SAS (whom Delta was modeled after recently went on record as daying Delta has finally replaced the SAS as the widely considered most elite unit in the world. My point of all this is, Sam is at the top, amd those of us that do that type of work are very cool headed and calculating. Furthermore he has a team, in the end....Shawn is correct. NOT EVEN CLOSE.....Sam wouldnt break a sweat. The only question is if he decides to let Bigg Boss live or not. I will give you a last bit of insight. If you wver saw the Bourne Identity trilogy with Matt Damon, the fighting system he used in the movie was pretty quick wasnt it? Very lethal as well. The military adviser on the set used our system as a basis for his moves in the movie. So....comparimg CQC to this is like comparing 7th grade science to Quantum Physics!! @ShawnOrman