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I recently wrote about the way Toy Story still crosses my mind and even more recently than that (like yesterday) I found a video that edits 20 years of Pixar or more specifically the emotions in Pixar films into 6 minutes.
I don't really like talking about my age (I like trying to convince everyone I've been alive for 500 years through the miracle of vampirism) but in this case, I feel like I do. I'm 26 years old which means, for as long as I could remember, I've been exposed to Pixar. They've been in and out of my life.
So watching this video made me remember how I felt when I watched each of the films and my own stories that go along with them. And for that, I think I need to thank Lindsay McCutcheon for editing all of this together (we probably all do).
It was hard not to feel the lump in my throat as soon as the video started. And when it ended I did my best to hold back tears. And you know, part of me wanted to believe that it's because of the movies themselves and how well-written they are, how they have a special place in my heart, or how I loved every single one of them.
But like most things film-related, I thought about how they all relate to me. I mean, sure, I was remembering the movies as each clip flew past me with Sia's Breath Me (a song that will always bring me to tears) but my brain was filled with the memories of the people I saw the movies with.
Some were with ex-partners and others were with extended family members. The best memories though, were the ones where I watched them in the theater with my immediate family. When I was real young, I remember every Thanksgiving or Christmas we'd watch whatever Pixar movie was showing that year. It became something of a tradition and it made me miss those days.
Then I remember watching the newer Pixar films with my nephews. Them sitting on my lap, Cars or Finding Nemo in the DVD player, eyes glued to the screen. There's something to be said about the way Pixar never fails to recognize how to properly show and share emotions and stories throughout generations.
So after I watched the video above a couple more times, the tears that welled-up in my eyes weren't because of the movies, they were for my family and my youth.
And I'm crying. WHY?!?!?!?!
This is amazing.....Im glad it had a happy ending though. The beginning was way to depressing.
Ahhh I cried too @NerukaWong (first of sadness, then of happiness) XD
@NerukaWong ahh i'm so sorry! i hope you enjoyed it though