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Ridiculously simple tumblr blog: 2 Kinds of People has been making waves for their images. These remarkably simple graphics show that there are two kinds of people in the world.
Which one are you?
Post your responses below.

Crust or edge?


Do you tan or shade?


Old school paperback or digital books?

Old school paperback.

Do you wake or snooze?


Perfect square or random bite?

Random bite.

Methodical completion or sporadic frustration.

Frustration, although I'd love to balance the two.

Do you let your notifications build or do you clear them immediately?

I let them build,

Do you make your PB and J messily or with precision?

Messy, most things I do involve a lot of precision, but sandwiches aren't one of them.

Do you prefer your music to be in your ear or around it?

I can't choose, I use both for different things. Inner ear phones for work and fous, and outer ear phones for recording.

Does your brain work like a Rubix cube? Have you solved it?

Ah...hell no!

What images did you choose?

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fist one point kkkk
2 years ago·Reply
Edge! Tan! Paperback! Snooze! Perfect square! Methodical completion! If I get a notification I check it ASAP! With precision! In ear! I've never tried solving a rubix cube ^^ Hehe (⌒▽⌒)
2 years ago·Reply
1. edge 2. Shade 3. Paperback 4. snooze 5. square 6. completion 7. I build 8. precision 9. in ear but both 10. nooooo
2 years ago·Reply