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A big part of health – a bigger part than we realize – is mental and emotional health. Men, women, teens, kids, EVERYONE needs to be at peace with themselves and accept themselves for who they are. Self-love is a vital practice, no matter what your health goals are – so here are 4 simple ways to LOVE yourself today.

Take a bubble bath and let everything that's bothering you melt away.

Have a glass of wine with dinner, because you work hard.

Make time for exercise. Your body deserves love too.

Give yourself a hug and tell yourself you are amazing.

How do you plan on loving yourself today? Inspire us!
@allischaaff Those are some mad skills you got there.
@mchlyang Give it a try :) you never know! I like to give myself a hug and pep talk simultaneously ;)
I've tried all of them except for hugging myself.....I'll try it some time when I'm feeling really depressed :)
@evamayer Oops! Haha. I should have included an alternative for those too young to drink. ^^ How about have a glass of chocolate milk, or maybe just some post-dinner ice cream! :D
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