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Oh, little fox @VinMcCarthy, what a funny thing you would say. The PC? Really? Are you still entertained by your CS:GOs and your Age of Empires's's... I don't know how to... Whatever, unimportant. Getting a gaming PC is like restoring an old car, it costs a lot of money, you need to know how to use a tool, and in the end, all of your friends are riding motorcycles.
So dearest @VinMcCarthy, you sly apple, allow me to -- once again -- correct your choice of favorite anything with the Playstation 2. Have you seen how many games came out for this thing? A bunch. A giant pile of games, freshly folded from the Sony Laundromat. Okay, maybe that metaphor doesn't hold up. But just take a look at these games:
That's like all of the games ever made, ever. I don't know why that guy has so many copies of Guitar Hero, though. That's a little excessive.
Anyway, I really love the PS2 because even though my gaming career started when I was real young with Mega Man, I didn't really get into video games until I got a PS2. I played almost everything. There was nothing more fun than sitting down after school and spending hours playing. The selection that the PS2 had was so much more eclectic than the selection we have now currently.
There were games I could sneak around, games I could shoot things, games I could plant vegetables, games where I could get chased around by weird nurse monsters, games where I could play as an animal, there was everything! I've spent countless hours bonding with friends and family over playing/completing certain games. And for that reason, the PS2 will always be my favorite console/platform.
@RosePark ugh I know! P5 looks so good!
@paulisaverage Its true. Well if get the chance you should try both P4 and PQ. I just love them all and still waiting for P5... I cant wait much longer
@RosePark i havent played p4 yet. mostly because i heard p4 golden is the way to go with that but i do not have a vita yet haha
@paulisaverage Nice. I never got into MGS series for some reason unfortunately. More of a JRPG guy here so I understand why you would love Persona 3. How about P4? I enjoyed both. There's also Kingdom Hearts and (personal opinion) FFX which is my favorite of all in the series. Wonder if you have played Persona Q even though is for the 3DS.
@RosePark, I have an affinity for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater but that's just because I'm really into MGS. I played a little bit of Rogue Galaxy which is a solid sci-fi RPG. But mainly Persona 3. I'm really really into Persona 3. I even got an emulator so I could play it again.
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