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Let's, Uh, Learn Some Hipster Slang, I Guess: "Blow it Down"

Today's Phrase of the Day: Blow it Down

This is an easy one to understand. It means you're going to smoke a cigarette. And the explanation for it is simple. Maybe when you were a kid, you heard the story about the Three Little Pigs and you know the Big Bad Wolf? Blows the house down? Inhales real deep, then exhales and destroys a building? If you don't get it by now... Well, uh, imagine you're the Big Bad Wolf and the house your destroying is your own body.

Examples of How to Use the Word:

"Hey man, I'm about to blow it down real quick, you want to come?" or "Paul? He's outside, blowin' it down by the street." or "I'm gonna blow it down, some Big Bad Wolf shit, you coming?"
So there you go have it. If you need to smoke a cigarette, you know how to say it all cool. Just make sure you're smoking an American Spirit or else judgement will fall upon you like the Sword of Damocles.
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@VinMcCarthy, Hey, I read a book once.
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