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Why do we want all the alcohol? Because it's the best food ever, that's why. Why eat, when you can drink? Here are 12 reasons why alcohol is the best thing ever.

It's something you can't mess up, no matter how hard you try.

Alcohol is good for you. SCIENCE!

Alcohol is fun.

Like, really, really fun.

...Until this happens.

But when you're not throwing up because of it, alcohol is DELICIOUS.

And even the most annoying people in the world turn into your best friends when you're drunk.

Especially because we can all bond over how alcohol brings out our inner biatch. Isn't judging people fun?!

And if you've got problems, why not try alcohol? It solves all of them!

Feeling down about yourself? Well, alcohol makes you feel attractive and confident.

Why so serious? Alcohol can help with that, too.

Thank you for always being there, Alcohol. We love you.

But also everyone please drink responsibly. I don't want your moms calling me. K thx byeee
Oh boy, I'm getting so many flashbacks to regret.
Hahahahaha. @danidee were you a party girl back in the day? ;D