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When I go to the gym -- I have my own mental preparation to get myself ready to pump iron. It's a routine that has a few steps, but needs to be taken properly. I can either have a good gym workout, or really fuckin' awesome workout. It just depends how I prepare. For some people, all it takes a roll out of bed, and a dash to the gym. For others, a rigorous process must ensue.
For me, a mix of caffeine and deep bass tunes puts me over the moon. Also, when I feeling confident helps me feel powerful. So this means putting my best chucks on, my favorite workout clothes, and a little bit of liquid eyeliner.
How Do You Prepare?

Is through a ridiculous amount of caffeine?

Jammin' to trap music?

Getting that meditation on?

Is it through awkward dance moves?

...Or does a little bit of blush and eyeliner put you into the gym mood?

It is all about the music for me! I love me some angsty, early 2000ths pop punk music! The Used, MCR, Panic!, Blink, you name it. It gets me pumped up and in a great mood!
Having a friend to tag along makes all the difference for me. I get in more of a competitive mood. I also have to have my Mp3 with me or I feel like I cant get anything done. Fast upbeat pop music or hip-hop is my usual go to genre. I also have to workout on an empty stomach, which is prob a huge no no for most people. Eating before a workout just makes me feel sick.
thanks. @mchlyang it's been 9 days. I meet with my coach on monday for assessment. it's gonna be tough.
@marshalledgar Haha hope your 30-day challenge is going well and @alywoah that is very true my friend.
gotcha. I'll save my jealous despair for another day. haha
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