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It airs at 10 pm on Wednesday & Thursday, 13th of February. See you then everyone ^.^ *Vietnamese live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/108878 Let's start ! When SW's father face with DH and GL, he is schoked maybe he feels sense of betrayal....maybe parents think that their daughter plays with many guys. SW's father : Let's look in every funiture to find other guys!! Refrigerator, washing machine every funiture!! GL: i'm the one who have to get angry, why do i have to be hit? They have time to introduce themselves to SW's parents. Actually first time, SW's parents doubt the relationship between them, they don't believe their daughter..kk SW's parent: I have heard that husband with 2 brides but i've never heard that the girl with 2 husbands before marriage. When they are talking with SW, they are not very far from meltdown...crisis of revealing her identification. You know that SW is a member of Civil servant who has to keep secret their identification, After discusstion with her parents, GL doubts the relationship between DH and SW. GL: Why were you in SW's clothset? DH gets angry to GL ...DH feels uncomfortable that GL seems to be her boyfriend. DH: I like SW, (Pointing a gun to him) I've connected her after resgination of her company as a friend, and today she told me that she likes you. GL: Are you kidding? DH: At first, i thought it was kidding ..she likes you huh? such a guy like you. GL calls to the WS, They talked about JJ who attacks his father. GL: actually i'm in front of SW's house. she bought some clothes for me to change dirty clothes. and i have a ask for you...actually i wanna get a gun !1 (Because DH has it.) ML and JJ meet together.. JJ has a plan to use SW to capture GL..and his father. While watching SW on their cell phone, JJ grins evilly. DH spends message with VOD to SW. DH: i excuses himself to GL that you like him anyway it is just operation ...to avoid his doubts.. Hurry up to finish it. I don't want you be with GL for a long time. At that time, GL tells her that Come out to your garden. When they face each other, GL: Why did you visit my room? SW: I didn't... GL: if you tell the truth, today may not be our last day... I will let you know who you are...even your lie. ML approaches SW.. ML : Would you please make a cup of coffee? SW: On the policy terms, executives and staff members take their own coffee, not ordering other members ML: So i just ask a favor, not an order. SW: Okay. ML visits GL to dicuss about business problem.. SW brings a cup of coffee. ML: Good job.. sit down..it's okay. After seeing all the situation, GL: Is there any scout suggestion? ML: Well...yes many companys hands it to me why? GL: Um...Yes if you got many suggestions, do not go there because you're efficient at your work. SW is out and then GL: i think you'd better not talk down to new team members. ML makes a plot with JJ. AND SW keeps following her identification and she finds out that she changes her identification illegally. GL: Let's talk together.. GL mistakes that SW is business spy who hands top scret to other companies. GL: i will delete this picture..(Maybe this is related she steals ML;s identification) GL: Whatever you get any mission from any person, do not live like that. I don't know how to deal with you....i can't put you in prison,, SW: i didn't..... if i tell the truth,, then do you believe me? GL: No..i can't believe you.. Leave work.. and then do not come tomorrow.. GL: and i have a ask for you. change your home and phone number because even i drunken..there is no way to connect you... do not run into anywhere.. so SW packs her luggage., She reminds the memory with GL.like watching the movies together.,..hanging out the street... SW's parents go out to find the Cinema.. Actually they are country people..so they are afraid of searching for the cinema in a city. SW meets WS. SW: I can't do it anymore...to decieve GL.. WS: i have an old story to tell you... Actually a long time ago, we use two people to catch someone who sells weapon....After capturing him, his servants know who helps civil servant to catch their boss. Among two people, one has two sons and the other has a gun. Their children ask us that please save their parents..but we can't ..we have to sacrifice small things to save a great thing ...because the weapons that he sells...kill more than 2 million people every year... After hearing this, SW visited GL. SW: My heart is serious...even if you got hurt in the future..i would stay with you. GL: We're done..already finished... In the hospital. JJ who disguise as a doctor gives a warning. When he comes out, GL notices he is the crimer!! When they are fighting each other, JJ says if you act up again, i will make your girl friend like your parnets. After his leaving, he found SW's picture on his cell phone. GL checks his father's condition and calls again and again.. but SW doesn't answer.... Finally GL runs into SW...and they confirms their true heart... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :)
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