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My pick for this weeks {Twisted Thursday Challenge} is going to be Shizuo from Durarara!
He's just cool no matter what he does. He has a bad temper and and loves to fight.
Behind all that anger, there's super human strength, he will LITERALLY use anything around him and throw it.
He has an interesting relationship with Izaya (The video by Datu Gomez will explain this further) and thus the title!~ It's just hilarious, everytime I see Shizuo calling for Izaya, I get ready for some action.
But he does have his own charm which is more reason to love a character like this.
Even with all that, he still has some friends to hang out with, but it does end kinda violently, it's Shizuo he can be as violent as he wants!
Well there you go!~ Can't wait to see your submissions!
He seems like a chill dude lol. Until you piss him off.
haha..he reminds me of a friend..once you get on his bad side, you're on his bad side
@NerukaWong no youre not this one just started ^^ wednesday? cause like......I'm realy late.
@NerukaWong lol we all have that one friend
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