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In this episode of STREET FOOD KOREA, Marie and I check out these delicious Ddeokgalbi Meatballs on the streets of Myeong-dong! Very tasty balls! LOL Along the main street in the famous Myeong-dong shopping district, you can find many street food vendors selling unique, tasty, and eye-catching street foods! In this video, Marie and I try out some Ddeokgalbi Meatballs (떡갈비완자). "Galbi" is actually beef ribs. These meatballs are beef rib meat, which has been minced, and then mixed with seasonings, vegetables and then formed into a ball. "Ddeok" actually means rice cake. But there's no rice cake in these meatballs. The name comes from the way the balls are made, very similar in how rice balls are formed by hand into various shapes. We decided to try the spicy meatballs. You can also get a non-spicy version. The meatballs are put on a skewer, and then the customer can put on various creme sauces, like ranch or dill. These sauces help to calm the spiciness, in the same way that buffalo hot wings can come with blue cheese or ranch dressing on the side. Marie and I were very impressed with the flavor of these meatballs! They were very tasty balls! lol No kidding! I'd go back and put those balls in my mouth any day. And for 3,000 Won for 5 meatballs, it's a really good deal! So if you're ever in Myeong-dong, and have a craving for some tasty balls, check out Ddeokgalbi Meatballs!!! ^_^ If you enjoyed the ball puns in this description and the video, please like this video, share it with friends, and subscribe to my channel! ^^ Please Like this video, share it, ask many questions, leave comments, make suggestions, and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ► Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Google+ ► DIA TV ► All graphics and video are created by me using the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 software suite. All music and audio are made by me using royalty free samples from, and edited in freeware AcidXpress 7.0.