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Marie and some friends try out the street food version of honey butter chips. See our reactions to this popular food craze! So if you haven't heard yet, in Korea, there has been a HUGE honey butter craze. Honey butter chips blew up last winter, it was so popular you couldn't find it anywhere, and people were selling it online for hundreds of dollars, if not thousands! Then the hype died down, and all of a sudden, every company, store and restaurant was making honey butter things: honey butter pizza, honey butter chocolate milk, honey butter facial masks, honey butter squid snacks, etc. Stay tuned soon for our own testing video of many of these honey butter products!!! The craze is still big here in Korea, and it has spread to other Asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore, who are making their own honey butter creations. You can still buy these honey butter products all over Korea. While in Myeong-dong, we came across a vendor selling honey butter chips, which looked hand-made. So we decided to try it out and let you all know how it tasted! As we were filming the intro, we saw our friends walking by and asked them to be in the video! Their reactions are great! hehehe The verdict was that we didn't like the street food snack, because it was just too sweet, and didn't really taste like honey or butter. It was super cheap though, so at least we can say we tried it. ^^ Thank you for watching, we really appreciate the support! Please Like this video, share it, ask many questions, leave comments, make suggestions, and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ► Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Google+ ► DIA TV ► All graphics and video are created by me using the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 software suite. All music and audio are made by me using royalty free samples from, and edited in freeware AcidXpress 7.0.
I still wanna try them, even though they'd probably be waaaaaay too sweet for me :)
oh god...there was honey butter EVERYTHING!ㅋㅋㅋ...too sweet for my taste but the flavor was good... I just couldn't eat a lot