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@Atomshair a jealous Kai text for you! I made this when my teacher said the class could take a break. I hope you like it.
Requests are still being taken. I'll make sure to get them done for you!! • Name of bias/member you want to text • What you want their contact name to be • If you want to be their friend, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend • If you want the texts to be jealous, cute, funny, ect.
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@Atomshair Your welcome! I still have your other requests which I will work on after school ^^
2 years ago·Reply
V, Taehyung, boyfriend, cute and funny ^^
2 years ago·Reply
Kris Wu Boyfriend Funny and cute
2 years ago·Reply
jimin, chim chim💜💜, boyfriend, funny and cute
2 years ago·Reply
suga from BTS, contact name is suga with a heart next to it. best friend and cute and funny
2 years ago·Reply