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Cuffing season is upon us.

At least it is according to social media. It is time to get to cuddling and spending quality time with that one person you'll devote the next three months to -- or less, depending who you are. For those who don't see any cuffing in the near future [including myself], the fall is the perfect time to focus on yourself and just enjoy life for what it is.
Although we all love the idea of getting close to someone during the cooler months, if that someone is only temporary -- what is the point? So, if you happen to be sitting this cuffing season out -- no worries, this list of fun and exciting things to do solo dolo will make you fall in love with yourself and life all over again.

Netflix and Chill

Because who doesn't love Netflix? Devote a full day to doing absolutely nothing but watching movies and curling up on the couch.

Spa Day

Book a reservation at the spa and get the works done. Ladies, just because the weather is getting chilly doesn't mean your nails and toes don't still deserve a little tender, love and care.

Table For One.

It is perfectly fine to take yourself out. Having the chance to enjoy good food while sitting and reflecting is extremely peaceful and rewarding.

Go To The Park and Read

If you're looking for peace, the park is always the best place to go. The mix between the cool autumn breeze and the sound of the wind is pretty relaxing.

Book A Random Flight

It is always good to expand your horizons and the perfect way to do so is to travel. Find an affordable flight and just go. Don't look back. Take a few days to yourself and when you return watch how amazing you feel.

Take A Class

Whether it be yoga, painting or a foreign language -- do something that sparks your interest. You never know who you might meet while doing so.

What's cuffing season again?

Enjoy being single. It isn't impossible.
Don't go and eat because if you go and eat alone you will come across these couples which are in love they are like sharing food and all that making it worse for you
yesssss! those couples that show public displays of affection! @Amanjain