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With the help of my friend H who is taking me to see BigBang, she and I both signed up to be official fans of Got7! Yup, I've fallen that deep! I've never done this before but I'm excited!! Is anyone else an official fan of any other group? Also if you're curious, they are still accepting sign ups until 2am EST USA (or 3pm KST) It costs 82,000 won. Just check the Got7 Facebook page for details!!
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I've been trying, but I can't get in to the site.....won't email me the code.
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I'm an igot7 too!!!! :D
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is it 70 a month or a year?
2 years ago·Reply
I finally got things figured out, but the cut off was 2 days ago.
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@SusiBosshammer It was a one time payment which I think is good for a year. not sure. @JaxomB Ah that sucks. Maybe next time :(
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