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Some call it a doobie wrap and some call it a blow out.

Whatever your personal preference may be, if you've ever step foot inside the Dominican hair salon than you know exactly what I'm talking about. No matter what hair type you have, the Dominican's have a technique that will transform your hair within an hour tops. Growing up my cousins faithfully went to the Dominican salon to get their hair done, sooner than later I began to follow in their footsteps. Although I wasn't as consistent as they were, I grew to become familiar with the names, the process and the heat that had my hair fried and laid to the side. It wasn't long before the hot heat became non-existent and those long hours that felt like forever easily flew by. If you ever want your hair slayed for less than $50, find yourself a Dominican salon [usually in urban areas] and your life will forever be changed. Whether you grew up in the salon or you're new to the biweekly visits -- you should be able to relate to at least one of the gifs seen below.

You're bound to be apart of the fellow hairstylists gossip.

If they're speaking in Spanish and you can comprehend, all the better. Everyone loves a bit of juicy gossip.

Oh, and let's not forget the fellow customers as well.

If you can hear over those loud dryers that is.

When the stylist puts the relaxer on your hair and not even five minutes later it's burning.

"Mami, you been scratching you hair?"

When they ask you if the water is too hot.

But it's simply perfect.

When that hot heat from the dryer hits your scalp.

Your first instinct is to punch the stylist, but you just scream instead.

You look in the mirror and absolutely love it.

It was worth every scream and every single hour you sat under the dryer.

It's no secret that the Dominican salon is the truth.

If you haven't experienced it at least once, what are you waiting for?