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In need of advice!!
Im a really shy and nervouse person and sometimes I just want to break out of that habit but I can't. So I need some advice from anyone.
I go to this community college and there's different ethnicities and cultures. I always see different people but this semester I saw this girl with a purse or bag of the Japanese movie My Neighbor Totoro. Its an amazing movie and well I couldn't even speak up and at least say that I know who Totoro is.
And just a couple of minutes ago I saw this girl with a picture of this handsome man clipped to her backpack, and I couldn't even say, "I know or also love GD"
So if you have any advice please tell me. I need to learn to SPEAK UP and be able to say that I ALSO LOVE KPOP.
Lot's of KPOP groups out in this world!!!
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@IlseJimenez I'm shy too, but kpop has really pulled me out of my shell. Go out there and say hi. If she has something kpop on, then she probably expects people to say something. Start by saying something like "I like your bag." or "You like GD too?" People always ask me what drama my Boys Over Flowers necklace is from and it's not wired at all. I'm most comfortable around my kpop friends and I can tell them anything. I just started college and I didn't have any kpoppers, so I was kind of depressed. So I had to start all over, now I have 3 new kpop friends. You have to just do it. I promise most kpoppers don't bite! 馃槈 Fighting!
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If you are to shy to speak up make sure that u do something so people talk to u first, like for example, im pretty sure that is u take something that had GD on it the girl that had GD on her backpack woulf say something, im shy too so i undrrstand and thats whats i would do. Probably not the best advice but I hope i helped 馃槞
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if you're nervous about starting a convo up, try investing in fan gear. make it obvious to see so perhaps someone else can be like omg you like ___?!
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don't sweat also a shy and nervous person, like a lot. just start with the usual ...... 1.oh nice backpack. it the one from totoro. or I also like totoro. ........ works the same for GD .....good luck. ......fighting!
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You should not be shy about the things you love. You should always cherish it, love it, and enjoy it. Talk to them and be friends with them, I am pretty sure they would like to have a conversation with you too. Enjoy the time you have there and enjoy meeting new friends. Good luck, I hpoe this works for you!>~<!
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