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If you're looking for love, look no further.

Finding love in the city can be hard despite the large population of people, but falling in love with the city itself -- might be the perfect alternative. Everything a significant other can do, New York City can do and possibly better. I mean it's full of opportunities and exciting things to do, so you would never have to worry about being bored. It can give you a sense of happiness, love and excitement [three things most people look for in a relationship]. Oh yeah, did I mention trust? You're probably wondering, how in the world you can possibly trust a city. Well, I mean, why wouldn't you trust a place that people near and far come to make their dreams come true? It must be an amazing place, if you ask me. Although an actual person would be ideal, until that time comes -- I will remain madly in love with this crazy city. We always seem to fall for the crazy ones, don't we? -- or maybe that's just me. Either way, if you're looking for love, look no further because these amazing things the city to offer kind of put any potential significant other to shame.

The friendly workers at the bodega who give you extra fruit for free.

Dollar slices. Who else could give you a delicious meal for such a small price?

Who needs a black card when you have sample sales? Your favorite designer for the low. Grab everything under $500.

When you need space, Central Park is a couple train rides away. Because we all need space sometimes.

Express trains because sometimes a fifteen minute ride is better than a forty minute. Talk about always being on time.

Sounds like the ideal relationship, right?

I would like to think so.