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The 70's are back and better than ever.

As much as I hate to say it, flares jeans might soon be reigning supreme in the world of denim. I love a good pair of boyfriend jeans and that will never change, but something about the seventies reinventing itself, makes me happy. We can all agree that the fashion thirty odd years ago was pretty amazing and why not take advantage of it while it makes a comeback?
Put the boyfriend jeans down for a couple of days and try out a pair of flare jeans -- these five women below [editors at PopSugar] did and they were surprised at how much they loved it. Check out their experiences below -- you never know, might just be eager to run to your local store and grab yourself a pair.

Aimee Simeon, Editorial Intern

Height: 5'3"
Thoughts On Flares Pre-Shoot: When it comes to denim, I avoid anything flared — at all costs. I've recently been open to experimenting with different styles, and I saw getting to model these jeans as the perfect opportunity to give flares a fair shot.
After Photo Shoot: When I first tried them on, my initial thought was "holy crap, I'm going to look super tiny and ridiculous in these." But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw hips, and a butt I didn't know existed. While I loved the way the jeans accentuated my curves, when I zoomed into the flared bottoms, I felt like they were eating up the rest of my tiny legs. I stand at only 5'3" and I frequently wear flats and sneakers, so in the end I felt like I could only pull these off if I wore heels. I probably won't go out and purchase tons of flared jeans for my wardrobe, but I definitely don't mind switching out of my skinnies for flares and heels every now and then.

Allie Merriam, Editor

Height: 5'9"
Thoughts On Flares Pre-Shoot: I've already witnessed at least one full trend cycle of flared pants in my lifetime, and I didn't think the style did much for my body type back then. But I've been told that it's a good thing to keep an open mind in life, so that's what I attempted when it came to wearing flares for this shoot.
After Photo Shoot: Imagine my surprise when I found the flares to not only be flattering, but actually — shockingly — fun to wear, especially with heels. I didn't think anything could get between me and my skinnies, but flared jeans just might see regular rotation in my Autumn wardrobe.

Zareen Siddiqui, Operations Coordinator

Height: 5'2"
Thoughts On Flares Pre-Shoot: I was a little apprehensive wearing flared denim for a couple reasons: I'm a shorty and I thought the jeans would make me look even shorter, and I haven't worn any denim styles but skinny and boyfriend jeans in so long that I forgot they make other styles!
After Photo Shoot: The flared denim actually ended up making me look like I have long legs, and I would definitely wear them again with the right shoes. I think flared denim is an easy way to change things up, but you need to have the right shoes or everything just falls apart!

Alessia Santoro, Moms Assistant Editor

Height: 5'7"
Thoughts On Flares Pre-Shoot: I'll admit that when I was initially asked to do this shoot, my knee-jerk reaction was to say no. Not only am I not the most fashion forward, but I'm also 5'7" and buy extralong-length jeans — so I went into this assuming that I would look awful and that the hem would come to my ankle by default.
After Photo Shoot: I was pleasantly surprised not only with the length, but the fit as well. The flare was subtle, and even though I had to whip out my John Travolta à la Saturday Night Fever moves to poke fun at the jeans just once — OK, more than once — I liked the way I looked overall.
While I'm not sure I'd ever purchase a pair of these bad boys to strut my stuff down the streets of NYC in, I was complimented by fashion editors who know their sh*t — so I guess I didn't not like them.

Lauren Levinson, Beauty Editor

Height: 5'2"
Thoughts On Flares Pre-Shoot: Before the shoot I was already a fan of flares, but this pair made me even more enthused about the Fall denim trend.
After Photo Shoot: The jeans were a chic dark wash, making them work-appropriate for those in creative fields. And as Goldilocks would say, "they're juuuust right" — the bell is not too wide or too narrow, the waist not too high or too low, the texture not too loose or too stretchy. It doesn't hurt that they make your booty look perky!

Ladies, are you feeling the flare pants comeback?

What trend would you love to see make a comeback?
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