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So the other day I was at worlds of fun (an amusement park just in case you didnt know) and i ran into a girl who had a bts tshirt i was really excited, so i ran up and was like i love your shirt it's for bangtan right?? she wasnt happy to talk to me at all it was exciting because there arent very many kpop fans in my city its really "URBAN" Long story short she was a real butt face i wanted to bts buddies but she was with her friend trying to act cool anywho heres some things i want to say
1.if someone has a bts shirt on im going to be excited and i will scream army lol please dont be a grump if you have the opportunity to meet another bts fan or even another kpop lover BE NICE SO WE CAN ALL BE FRIENDS!! If you dont want the attention dont wear the shirt-.-
#2. Yes i know not everyone is an extrovert and thats ok but that doesn't give you the right to be snobby im a pretty cool (maybe weird) person
#3. why miss the opportunity to sing amazing songs together i honestly just want some kpop friends i only have 2 of them
Last but not least if you see another kpopper dont be afraid to talk to them and who knows maybe you can even make someone's day or even better make a new friend for life:) thank you im out (drops microphone )
i would love to meet fellow kpoppers i have none here like 0 of my friends like kpop idk why because they are missing out but definitely would love some friends who i can share my kpop love with
These rules are good. I saw a girl I. The parking lot of a Target wearing a J-Hope jacket walking with her mom and I rolled my window down and shouted "누구 때문에?!!?!?" And she didn't miss a beat and looked around shouting "J-Hope 때문에!!!" It was great
If any Kpop fan ran in to me or I ran in to them, I would get to excited because I have no Kpop fan friends. I have a friend who know of it but she's not really into it. I really agree with this card. If you see someone who likes Kpop take that opportunity and go say "Hi" (unless you wanna be alone) because there's not many, at least where I live. I'm sure they're all in Cali or something, Idk.
I'll be your kpoppin buddy!!! Hooray! I went to Kcon NY by myself. I know how ya feel but I still had a blast.
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