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(Picture is unrelated. lol) The first thing that everyone usually struggles with, and what i still struggle with, is pronunciation! So, in this first lesson, i will try and help with that with the first, and most well known greeting! 안녕하세요! (or "annyeonghaseyo!") This means a few greetings, but mainly it means "Hello!" or "Goodmorning!" Now, pronunciation wise, this word is quite easy compared to others. Lets break it up. An-nyeong-ha-se-yo. Not too bad right? Now lets say it like it sounds, On. Yong. Ha. Say. Yo. Nice and easy! You just said "Hello"! Fairly easy, right?
(Pic still unrelated. Just a nice add on.) Now, lets move onto something a bit more difficult, not too difficult but a little bit. Kinda. Not really. Maybe. Moving on now. 잘 지내? (or "Jal Jinae?") This simply means, "How are you?" Break up time! Jal-ji-nae? Lets say it how it sounds now! Jahl. Jee. Nay. Sweet! We only have one more part left! You gotta know how to respond to "Jal Jinae?"!
(OMG a wild SUGA appeared!) Alright, lets learn to say, "I'm fine, thank you." This will be the most difficult part of this lesson, so bear with me! 나는 괜찮아요, 감사합니다. (or "naneun gwaenchanha, gamsahabnida.") Long right? Have no fear, I will help you. This translates to "I'm fine, thank you." or "I am fine, thank you." Lets break up the first part. Na-neun-gwaen-chan-ha. This is the "I'm fine," part. Lets say it how it sounds! Nah. Noon. Gwayn. Chahn. Ha. Perfect! Lets break up the "Thank you." part of the sentence! Gam-sa-hab-ni-da. Excellent, almost done! Lets sound it out! Gahm. Saw. Hahb. Nee. Dah. Alright! We got through that one, now, all ya gotta do is practice a bit, and this upcoming Friday, there will be another lesson on saying goodbyes!
Let me know in the comments below if this helped you guys at all, or tell me if I made an error, which is possible, and i will come back to the card and fix it up accordingly! Or tell me if it was too confusing, i have a habit of doing that, have a beautiful day (or night, depending when you see this!) ❤❤❤
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this is great thank you!!