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@SierraWilson16 is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!
im sorry it had to happen this way
this was just too easy lmao
BOOM. xiumin, thrust me out!!!
your turn si!
I hate you! but I've seen some of them so I'm not affected😝 and don't worry your cards coming soon
@SierraWilson16 ill make it extremely easy. overload me hun. my male bias list(no order): Zelo from B.A.P, T.O.P from BigBang, BTS in general, Chanyeol, Xiumin, D.O from Exo, Taecyeon from 2pm (baby got abs!!) Jackson, and yugyeom from Got7, Key from SHINee, Lee Hong Ki from F.T.Island Park MinWoo, Lee Dong Wook. you should be able to kill me xD
Seriously rhough, that Gif with Kai thrusting. He was just so into it. Like, how am I even alive after seeing that?!?
@JustBrea intense internet searching can do that lol
completely agree