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You can choose 3 celebs to meet,

who are they? They can be K-Idols, or not. Whichever three celebs, but only three.
Mine are Jhope, obvs. lol
Childhood hero Jim Carrey.
And Robert Downey Jr. just because hes a smart ass like me.
mine are all idol rappers.. Jackson, Rap Mon, T.O.P
Rap Monster, Taeyang, and Channing Tatum.
I would want to meet Key from Shinee, Kim Soo Hyun, and Chris Hall who was the lead singer for Stabbing Westward but is now singing for The Dreaming
I'd want to meet SungGyu, Suga and HongBin
and if it not kpop related i would like to me big time rush my babies before kpop they where my bts :'( i miss them so much
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