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Denzel Washington had starred in countless successful films, but this one was different.
At the time, Washington was cranking out strong mysteries and action films. Disney hung their hat on top notch animated films. This was a step into new light for both parties.
Could Washington captivate and audience without being a hard-boiled bad-ass? Could Disney deliver without the cartoon element?

Both needed each other more than ever, and they both delivered.

Remember The Titans didn't need any special effects to hold the audience.

The movie relied on a strong story line and really good acting. Many of the actors went on to numerous successful roles at this one (Ryan Gosling, Wood Harris (The Wire) or Ryan Hurst (went on to play Opie Wilson in Sons Of Anarchy) so this movie was a launchpoint for all of them.
It was clear from the quality of the product that everyone was all in and focused on producing a great product based on a true story. For those under a rock, Remember The Titans retold the events of a 1971 Virginia high school football team that faced desegregation while trying to claim a winning record. The scene above captured the essence of the movie flawlessly.
With Remember The Titans, Disney won big time.
It showed the world that they could step outside the confines of cartoons and deliver quality. The movie also shed light on a pretty cool story line.. and hopefully bought people together in the process.

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of the film. Can you believe it? Feels like it came out yesterday.