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If there's something I have learned in my 22 years of life, is that words hurt. Yeah, I know everyone already know this, but people still do it. Words can either bring someone up, or put them down. I am a pre-teen youth teacher at my church, and I've always told them to be careful with their words. As Christians we are so strongly judged by what we say and do. If say being gay is sin, we get attacked by the gay community. If we have bad language in front of our friends,and say we are Christians, we are called hypocrites. We are viewed at times as a community of hate, because we always say something is wrong. And I understand that, because there are some Christians that are so religious, that they say things that they shouldn't. I know, and everyone already knows that being homosexual or transgender is a sin, but NEVER would I say that I hate a homosexual. God loves EVERYONE, no he does not like that we are sinning, but her still loves us. Be careful with what words you say, always listen to God's voice on what to say in certain situations, God Bless.
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So true. Amen.
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