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Okay. I know I've been so....out of Vingle these days..BUT TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU...its a surprise just scroll down... So @poojas made a card about living in a particular anime universe. What type of place is it and blah blah. So.. after lots of rewatching anime (don't judge me people)...I've chosen...

SWORD ART ONLINNNNEEE!!! Haha, who saw that coming? No one? Nobody? Me? Well duh... Anyways what I would do? *claps claps Lion Heart style* TOUR TIIIIMEE!!

What I Want To Do For Revenge

What I Want To Do With a Knife Without Getting Smacked

What I Want To Do (Well, it doesn't HAVE to be Kirito, I just wanna flyy)

What I Want To When Pissed

What I Want To Do With All The Time In The World (Obviously, I would wanna stay there)

I do have alots of things involving gifs, haha...Sorry, I'm on last minute! Hope you enjoy it!!
How is your gif game so strong @NerukaWong? ^^
@poojas haha, when life gives you a golden anime, make a gif out of it.
I feel you on this one xD Its coming to real life someday....