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I'm with @InPlainSight on this one. What exactly is your intention with this card? I really do hope you aren't calling Danidee a bitch... but I will Try to understand before I react.
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I too am very confused... Are you calling out Danidee for something? Why circle your own post and who exactly are you calling a dumb bitch?
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@ButterflyBlu Dani has shown herself to be intelligent, articulate and welcoming. I am sure no one would want to apply that description to my good friend.
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@korenyoung73 What's your point here, I am lost, and why call anyone a 'dumb bitch'? That's really not nice....
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@ButterflyBlu as far as I can see, she refers to the author on the right side, and highlights her own words. She seems be to calling herself a bitch, which is still unnecessarily harsh.
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