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Get ready NFL: Kam "Bam Bam" Chancellor is back!

The talented safety ended his holdout and will return to the team for this weeks game. According to Steven A. Smith, Kam will address the contract situation after the season is done.

Kam Chancellor is a driving force on the Seahawks.

The Seahawks are 0-2 after losses to St. Louis and Green Bay without him. "Ima go help my teammates that are understanding of my position and the ones who aren't," Chancellor said in a text message to Steven A. Smith. "God forgives all, why can't i? Time to help us get back to the big dance. I can address business after the season. Me and Marshawn started a mission 2 years ago. I can't let my Dawg down....Real talk."
His return solidifies the "Legion Of Boom" in Seattle. While people expected the Seahawks to move along well without Kam, the losses show his value to the team. Seattle will have to address to issue in the offseason.
With Kam back, are the Seahawks once again the favorites to win the NFC this year?
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I feel like it was only a matter of time. He'll help for sure.