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Soooo this is a be happy challenge started by @katiems! You can join it here! RULE #1 Challenge: 1: Make a card about something you've been struggling with or something that has stood in the way of your happiness before, is there something in Kpop that inspired you or has helped you through this? Share your story! 2: Comment on fellow Kpop Vingle fams story, give some advice and then relate their story to a Kpop song or idol it reminds you of!
So Be Happy!! I am a firm believer in trying to be positive and happy. There is no reason to be sad in life if you can stop it. Even if I'm sad or frustrated, I look to the bright side or I try to do things I enjoy! Have fun and be confident! Never question something you enjoy just because someone else doesn't get it!

How Kpop Helped me!

Shortly after finding my love of kpop, my father got sick. He was the most influential person in my life. I used kpop as a distraction ill admit. Im not new to fangirling by any means but it was a whole new world to discover. It gave me a focus so I didnt have to be sad all the time. His favorite song was Fantastic Baby by BigBang. Even if he didn't care about it, he listened with me because I liked it. After he passed away it was harder to distract myself so I turned to kpop or rather korea again. I love it all! Kpop, Shows, Food, Culture and Language! It has kept me positive and I'll always be thankful that it kept me together through such a rough time and still does.
So let's all be happy! Party Hard Kdrops!

If you saw this, give it a go!

@b1A4bts5ever I already did mine πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ and awww I'm glad kpop helped you 😊
@Taijiotter We are all here to support if you decide to!
@B1A4BTS5ever will make one this weekend when my tests are over 😳 so very sorry about your dad but glad you found something that helped you
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