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When it comes to the meal for your wedding, please, (I am begging you!), put some thought and care into all of the elements. Many focus on the protein, which is merely a part of the whole meal. Think about all of the items served for all of the courses.
This picture comes from 24 Carrots Catering, which serves Southern California. How stunning are these plated salads? More specifically, these are Heirloom Caprese salads (also known as Tomatoes Napoleon). Regardless of what you call this, this is a perfect example of serving salad with thought.
Notice how large the plates are! Notice the use of FRESH ingredients. Notice the design and detail of the sauce. Please notice everything because your guests certainly will. Remember that every element of your wedding, whether it's food, hair, venue, whatever, should be planned and thoughtful. Nothing should be random or haphazard.
TIP: Get to know your caterer well before your Big Day. In fact, every good host or hostess worth their salt has a small rolodex of caterers in their back pocket. They're not all going to be good at everything. Establishing a relationship with caterers will give all your special events the tasteful impact you're looking for!
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